Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Slack Ho's

Ok. So we have been slack. So slack, in fact, that not only has a super-slack Ho not posted her review of The Nose Restaurant and Wine Bar from months ago, but we as a group have failed to have a Ho Down for quite some time. Indeed, it has been a long, miserable, wet winter. But fear not, intrepid readers - are there any out there?? - we are back and I will ensure that this blog keeps documenting the cool places that you can go with your Ho's. In terms of food and grog, of course. Clothes and make up and kak like that, you're on your own.

Next week, we are having an ├╝ber Ho Down with more Ho's being present that ever before. We'll be going back to our roots, Relish Cape Town, where we will drink cocktails until Wendy's walker breaks...

So until then, I leave you with an image for the day:


Wena said...

This Ho is heavily hung ho-ver, but will be at Relish, with at least one bell on. Woot!

Tink said...

Glad to hear it. May I suggest you rifle through your cupboard for a few more bells, dust them off and count on a Bloody Mary to do the rest??